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Certified Pro Trader

Certified Pro Trader (CPT)

Certified Pro Trader is a program which grooms you into a Professional Trader. This program is designed particularly for people who want to take Professional Trading as a career.

This program is much more and beyond the ordinary skills that most institutes teach you. ICFM trains you in an High end Technology Environment where you get Hands On experience on latest Software Technologies. The most unique feature of the program is YOU ARE NOT TAUGHT BY TEACHERS instead YOU ARE TRAINED BY TRADERS.

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Certified Pro Trader

Certified ALGO Trader (CAT)

ALGO Trading is the latest and most advanced "Trading Methodology". ALGO Traders are minting money as they are able to execute multiple trades simultaneously which is not possible in manual trading. Trained ALGO Traders are in great demand and they command very good salaries. This course is dedicated to Professional ALGO Trading. We equip you with the tools and knowledge required to become a successful ALGO Trader.

This course is delivered totally on live trading terminals, You are trained on most advanced ALGO Software available in the market. You are allowed to execute the trades and see their performance.

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Certified Financial Market Professional

Certified Financial Market Professional (CFMP)

CFMP is a comprehensive program for people who want to have a career in financial market but not having knowledge that where to start from or how to make an entry into financial market.

In this program, ICFM equips you with solid working knowledge of all the major segments of financial market : Equity Market ; Derivatives Market ; Currency Market & Commodity Market. You are trained in Trading & Operations in the four market

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Certified Technical Analyst

Certified Technical Analyst (CTA)

Technical Analysis is the most read, most learnt and most applied thing in the financial market. Traders, Investors, News Channels all talk about the price movement/pattern of instruments and as a professional you need to have a solid understanding of charts.

CTA Program is a comprehensive program just dedicated to Technical Analysis. At ICFM, you will make your way from basic tools and techniques of TA to advanced TA. Our approach is one of a trader , not one of a teacher. We give you subscription of popular TA software and you practice all that you learn at ICFM.

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NCFM Modules

At ICFM, We prepare you to successfully pass NCFM Modules. You need to understand that NCFM Modules are just certification exams. These certifications fulfill just the compliance of NSE , they do not guarantee jobs or prove any practical skill of trading as some institutes will tell you and fool you.

Moreover, you just need to pass the NCFM Module for the segment you want to work in , for example Capital Market or Derivatives Market or Currency Market etc. You need not have a collection of 10 or more NCFM Modules to improve your employability. At ICFM, our guidance is genuine and honest.

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